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   HCS specialises in developmental, relationship and sexual trauma


Do you ever feel... 

 These are all emotional and psychological responses

a person who has experienced trauma may present


  • Depressed?

  • Numb?

  • Guilty?

  • Hopeless?

  • Sad?

  • Irritable?

  • Angry?

  • Shame?

  • Confused?

  • Anxious?

  • In denial?

About You..

Adverse childhood experiences (ACE) are negative experiences that happen during childhood


  • Did your parents separate?

  • Were you abused or neglected? Emotionally? Physically?

  • Did you lose a parent?

  • Did you witness violence or substance abuse?

 Have you been exposed to violence and/or 

difficulties during childhood:

  • School

  • Home

  • Neighbourhood

  • Work


Have you learnt to respond to conflict:

  • With aggression

  • By becoming numb to it

  • By not recognising the pain of others

  • By avoiding people and the world around you



Where symptoms of trauma persist or worsen some people may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD):

Risk factors for developing PTSD include:

  • Previous trauma

  • Physical pain or injury

  • Having little support after the trauma

  • Dealing with other life difficulties

  • Previous anxiety or depression


If this sounds like you, you may be suffering with relationship and/or developmental trauma or PTSD...we can help

Have you:

  • Experienced behavioural, psychological and physical problems

  • Under-achieved 

  • Turned to drink and drugs

  • Committed crime


Do you experience:

  • Unwanted thoughts, images and flashbacks

  • Have difficulties forming and maintaining relationships

HCS prides itself on supporting people who would otherwise find access to therapy financially inaccessible such as, those on low income, NHS/ COVID-19 and veterans. Therefore, for those individuals* we offer low cost therapy.

*Evidence will be required where necessary. 


Available in blocks or per session


for COVID-19 related, NHS, veterans and low income




Training / CPD 

“The simple act of being completely attentive and present to another person is an act of love, and fosters unshakable well-being.”

Natural Beach


Warming and welcoming lady. Lovely peaceful room which really helps put you at ease. Would recommend to anyone looking for that first step to talk to someone Caroline really opened my eyes on things

I’ve been a client of this service for over 4 years and with the help and support provided have come a long way - this is largely due to support provided. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone thinking of beginning any treatment. Caroline has not only been a stable and consistent support as a professional, she has enabled me to progress through things I had deemed insurmountable. 5/5


I would highly recommend HCS. Caroline is such a wonderfully supportive person who makes you feel instantly at ease. She is extremely understanding, insightful and empathic with a sincerely non judgemental attitude. If you are looking for a counsellor I wouldn't hesitate to contact Caroline, you'll be in safe hands


Wonderful, caring experience, which put my life back on track, thank you HCS!


Caroline has been a very warm supportive supervisor and I have learnt a lot from her. I would definitely recommend her.