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In line with Government and the BACP guidelines, the wearing of a face covering during face-to-face counselling sessions is advised. However, discretion may be exercised by the Supervisor, Counsellor and client. 


In the event of failure to reach universal agreement, then face covering must be worn.


In the event of a further lockdown, sessions will not be conducted via face-to-face and ONLY offered through telephone or video-conferencing platforms. ​


This information page will be under continual review while the Covid epidemic continues.   



As of 30th November, 2021 we request all clients attending the cabin to wear a face covering. 

Further Information


Our counselling cabin maintains approximately 2m distance except when entering and leaving, approximately 1m distance can be held.


Your counsellor will take your temperature before entering the counselling cabin and will fill in a COVID Screening Form.


HCS request that clients download NHS COVID-19 Track and Trace App prior to commencing counselling, in order to scan the QR code on arrival.


For exceptional circumstances regarding the use of face coverings ( health/age etc ) people may not be able, or expected, to wear face coverings. If this applies to you please let us know, we will proceed to put in place appropriate precautions for both you and the counsellor.


It will not be a requirement to prove you are exempt from face coverings and neither will you be routinely asked to give written evidence of this. We accept this may raise issues about the effect this may have on the therapeutic relationship so you may wish to consider other platforms to use as a more suitable alternative option.   

If you have any further queries or concerns surrounding COVID-19, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on the button below.