Clinical Supervision Services

HCS offers a supervision service for individuals, agencies and work place organisations, specialising in sexual trauma of children and adults.

We encourage an initial one hour meeting (or phone call if this is not possible), to discuss individual needs and requirements and to decide if we feel we could work together. 

Once we have agreed in principle that we can work together, a draft supervisory agreement will be offered to all parties to amend, delete or discuss ahead of our first supervision. This could be details regarding requests for reports or references.

As part of our ‘good practice’, regular reviews regarding the effectiveness of the supervision offered are held as part of our contract. 



£50 per hour

£75 per 1.5 hours

Corporate /Agency


(If an organisation is responsible for payment of supervision fees and wish to be invoiced on a monthly basis, a different fee will be charged (if not a charity) to take into account any settlement delays.

Group work

£75 per person per two hour session

Any requested external travelling in relation to supervision practice would be charged at the hourly rate plus travelling expenses of 45p per mile return journey.

Meeting New Supervisee’s


Supervision Services

Supervision, in our view, should give supervisees opportunities to;

  • Have regular support from a skilled supervisor in an atmosphere of integrity and openness

  • Identify areas in which to maximise their effectiveness

  • Consider ethical issues and boundaries and further develop their ethical mindfulness

  • Challenge and be challenged and identify the learning from it as well as to receive constructive feedback

  • Seek help with any decision making necessary

  • Develop their own self-awareness and to have space to ‘recharge batteries’

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